On Ends and Means

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Last month I shared, and affirmed, this quote from Beth Moore (sorry for all the Beth Moore this week…well, sorry/not sorry!), and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it:   “You will watch a generation of Christians – of Christians – set the Bible aside in an attempt to become more like Jesus. And stunningly, it will sound completely …


When Comparison is About Something Else

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Last week I had a chance to hear my friend Lisa speak at a church in my area. It’s always fun to sit under the teaching of women I love, and Lisa is no exception. She is passionate about Jesus and has an unbelievable gift for teaching. She killed it. Here’s what else I love about Lisa–she is hysterical. SO stinking funny. I …


When You Don’t Feel Passionate About God

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I will never forget the first few months of my relationship with Ike. The early days of dating are SO intoxicating! Everything is new, constant butterflies in your stomach, simply the sight of them is exhilarating. Their smell, their touch, sends tingles up your spine. About a month after we “officially” started dating, Ike took a summer job in Charleston, SC, which has got to be the dreamiest …

When Your Gifts Are Small

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About once a week I read something that is so beautiful, so powerful, so exquisitely written, that I have two distinct reactions: 1. Total Delight. 2. Crushing Discouragement. The second reaction is not about jealousy, though I certainly struggle with that too. More often, the discouragement comes from feeling kicked in the stomach by reality. Truly great writing–the kind that takes your …

The Changing Room of Grace

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There is a very strange story in Genesis about Noah. Maybe you’ve read it. You can find it in chapter 9, after Noah and his family have weathered the flood. Everyone is safe and all is well, but that’s not the end of the story. As Noah’s family begins to rebuild, they plant a vineyard. One day Noah drinks too much wine, and he passes …

The Story of the Woman Who Needed to Feel Seen

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“If God is the only one who sees me, is that enough?” That question has been rattling around in my head the last few days. The craving to be seen–to be valued, to be affirmed, to matter to people–is one I’ve wrestled with most of my life. And the funny thing is, it hasn’t gotten any easier. The more my ministry …

Am I Blogging to the Choir?

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Lately I’ve been thinking about what it means to write and teach without merely “tickling the ears” of my readers. In the age of the internet this goal is tough, not because I can’t find anything substantive to talk about, but because of the nature of the internet itself. Just think about it: If I write something that readers don’t …

Moving Day

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Ike and I are moving tomorrow. Our new place is close by and it makes more sense financially, a thought that continually encourages me as I engage in one of the activities I hate most. I seriously hate moving! I understand why some people say that moving can be as traumatic as the death of a loved one. It is …