What Would Jesus Wear? Thoughts on Fashion and the Gospel

He held up a high-waisted, navy and white striped A-line skirt. “This would look really cute on you. You should try it on!” Ike suggested. I pursed my lips in skepticism. It was short–probably too short for church, anyway–and too nice to wear when I’m watching the kids. It didn’t seem practical. “When would I…
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Shattering the Mirror

For many of us, life is like one giant mirror. You see the world as a reflection of yourself. What people think of you, how people treat you–it’s all information that shapes your self-image. The way your parents raised you, the way your spouse loves you, whether your peers include you, whether your boss promotes…
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On Raising Confident Kids Who Aren’t Punks

When I was in 9th grade, I had a conversation with a teacher I will never forget. He taught British lit, but he wasn’t your stereotypical English teacher. He was big and muscular. He was gruff. He coached the football team. He was from somewhere up north, and he had that tough “Yankee” edge to…
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Why Not Me?

I have put off writing this post for awhile, because I was a little embarrassed to share it. It’s one of those lessons that I should have learned in high school–maybe even middle school–but I’m still struggling with it today. I was afraid that, in sharing it, I would seem immature or emotionally stunted, but…
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Meet Coen, Our Brave One

Hey y’all! I have been so anxious to get on here and tell you about the newest member of our family: Coen! It’s hard to believe Coen has been with us for a whole week–he was born February 16–but he is just the best. Super cute, super easy, super cuddly–our hearts are full! For those…
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