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Women and the Super Bowl

Sharon Pop-Culture, Purity, Sex 11 Comments

Well another Super Bowl has come and gone, and while the Ravens fans are probably all celebrating this morning, I have found myself asking a lot of hard questions. And no, I’m not referring to the power outage. After spending my evening tuning in and out of the game, I ended the night with an unmistakeably icky feeling. Some of …

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The Brain on Lust

Sharon Purity, Self-control, Sex 5 Comments

Today I’m doing a little celebrating! Yesterday marked the last day of the last class of my doctoral coursework! Wahoo! Now, I still have at least a year and a half left of comprehensive exams and dissertation writing before I can reach the PhD, but the end of coursework is definitely a milestone. Plus, coursework is the most baby-incompatible part …

The Cultural Component of Modesty

Sharon Modesty, Purity 8 Comments

Following my last post, I was surprised (and pleased!) by the number of commenters who asked me to write more. I thought for sure that my post had dragged on way too long, so your responses tell me that this is a topic about which you are interested in learning more! As I looked through the newest comments on Caryn’s …

The Immodesty of Pregnancy

Sharon Beauty, Modesty, Purity 17 Comments

On Thursday, my friend and colleague Caryn Rivadeneira wrote a provocative and controversial post for Her.meneutics in which she addressed Jessica Simpson’s latest cover photo for Elle Magazine. In case you haven’t seen the photo, Simpson posed au naturale in all her pregnant glory, and Caryn responded with a–what I could call–redemptive perspective. I call Caryn’s perspective redemptive because she …

A Congressman, a Scandal, and What It Means for Christians

Sharon Current Events, Purity, Sanctification, Theology 0 Comments

This week the media has been aflutter with stories about New York Representative Anthony Weiner and his extra-marital infidelities. His case is particularly unique because the infidelities were not explicitly physical. His actions were limited to the cyber world, which relegates them to a rather blurry realm. The scandal raises questions about what actually constitutes cheating, and what exactly Weiner …

Life Without Physical Intimacy

Sharon Purity, Sex, Singleness, Suffering 4 Comments

Last week I was directed to a blog post written by a single woman about her struggle to live without physical intimacy in her life. Not only was the post refreshingly transparent, but it was also a helpful reminder to me as a now married woman. I still remember sitting in a Bible study full of married women, myself a …

Big Sister Dating Advice

Sharon Dating, Purity, Relationships 3 Comments

One of my greatest joys in life is to hear from former students or young women that I have led in the past. After our paths diverge, I sometimes wonder if anything I said or the way I lived my life had any impact at all, so it’s a tremendous affirmation when these women seek my advice or friendship after …

Purity Balls

Sharon Dating, Family, Purity 2 Comments

When a friend of mine e-mailed me a link to an article in Marie Claire about “Purity Balls,” I was a little nervous about clicking on it. Purity Balls? Sounds kind of weird to say the least. What I found was not so much weird as thought-provoking. The article is a case study of one family who belongs to the …

Modesty Under Persecution

Sharon Modesty, Purity, Worldview 9 Comments

I never thought I would see the day when modesty, of all things, was the target of religious persecution. Well that day has come. In case you haven’t been following this story, France is in the process of passing a law that would forbid Muslim women from wearing a burqa, which covers the face. The ban was just approved by …

In Honor of My Cuz

Sharon Marriage, Purity 1 Comment

Today is a very special day to me. Today my cousin, Kristen, is getting married. Kristen was born exactly 9 days after me. As the only female grandchildren for the majority of our childhoods, we bonded together quickly. She has been much like a sister to me, and it’s been a blessing to grow up together. We’ve seen each other …