Why Porn Addiction Affects Us All

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One of my all-time favorite t.v. shows is 30 Rock. It’s so smart and so funny, and I just love Tina Fey. I especially like an episode called “The Tuxedo Begins,” in which Jack Donaghy, one of the show’s main characters, decides to run for Mayor of New York. There is so much about the episode that I enjoy, but …


Women and the Super Bowl

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Well another Super Bowl has come and gone, and while the Ravens fans are probably all celebrating this morning, I have found myself asking a lot of hard questions. And no, I’m not referring to the power outage. After spending my evening tuning in and out of the game, I ended the night with an unmistakeably icky feeling. Some of …


The Brain on Lust

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Today I’m doing a little celebrating! Yesterday marked the last day of the last class of my doctoral coursework! Wahoo! Now, I still have at least a year and a half left of comprehensive exams and dissertation writing before I can reach the PhD, but the end of coursework is definitely a milestone. Plus, coursework is the most baby-incompatible part …

Why Bragging About Your Sex Life Isn’t Just Annoying

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This past week, pastor/blogger Tim Challies published a post titled “Keeping Intimate Details Intimate.” In it he discussed the potential dangers of a married couple talking too openly about their sex life. Though he does not instruct Christians to avoid these conversations altogether, he encourages Christians to enter into them with wisdom and great caution, especially when it comes to …

What Really Happened in the Garden?

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I think there is some confusion among Christians about what happened in the Garden of Eden immediately following the Fall. The confusion is not universal, but over the last couple months I have noticed some troubling statements in blog comment sections about what the Fall and the curse mean for us today. To be a little more specific, some Christians …

Karl Barth on Sex and Marriage

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For the last year and a half my husband has been reading through Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics as a part of his doctoral studies. Composed of roughly 13 books/volumes that average about 700 pages each (with teeny tiny print), this task is not for the faint of heart. Lucky for me, I am often the beneficiary of whatever theological treasures …

Sex Talk and the Single Life

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A lot of Christian leaders have been talking about sex lately. The publicity has generated a great deal of conversation–some good, some not so good–as Christians continue to learn about godly sexuality and its proper place in the Christian life. As important as it is to have these conversations and to seek greater understanding, these discussions can also present a …

Keeping Marital Intimacy Intimate

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As many of you have probably heard, Mark Driscoll and his wfie, Grace, are coming out with a new book called Real Marriage: The Truth About Sex, Friendship, and Life Together. I have not read the book so I will not comment on any of its contents here, but I have heard that it gets into explicit detail about sexual …

Life Without Physical Intimacy

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Last week I was directed to a blog post written by a single woman about her struggle to live without physical intimacy in her life. Not only was the post refreshingly transparent, but it was also a helpful reminder to me as a now married woman. I still remember sitting in a Bible study full of married women, myself a …