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Finding My Westley

By January 27, 2008One Comment

One of my all time favorite movies is The Princess Bride. Aside from the fact that it’s a great story with great characters and great dialogue, it’s also a fantastic love story.

In case you are not familiar, the movie is about a beautiful woman named Buttercup who lives on a farm and falls in love with her servant boy, Westley. They are wonderfully happy together, and Westley leaves to seek his fortune so that they can marry. Sadly, Westley’s ship is taken by pirates and he is killed, so Buttercup eventually agrees to marry the evil Prince Humperdinck.

Through a crazy course of events, we find out that Westley is not, in fact, dead, and he subsequently overcomes every obstacle imaginable to be reunited with his true love. He battles pirates, princes, giant-sized rats that try to bite off his arm, and he even comes back from the dead. But none of it will stand in the way of Westley and his love. Nothing.

(Excuse me while I pull myself off the floor. Just thinking about this movie made me swoon.)

Even though we all know how romantic movies like this will always end, women cannot help but flock to them in droves, and it’s not hard to see why. No matter what happens, no matter what stands in the way, the leading man always comes back. He fights for her. He recognizes just how valuable she is and that she is worth the battle. No matter the cost, he will win her heart.

And when we women see this, our hearts melt with delight. That is exactly what we’re looking for.

While these movies are mildly dangerous because they cause us to have unrealistic expectations for dating and marriage, I also think there is something to them. There is a desire in the heart of every woman to be fought for. We want a man who loves us so profoundly that he would do everything within his power to have us. That desire is undeniable.

As I look back on my dating relationships over the years, I see that desire in full effect. The one common element amidst all my break-ups was this: disappointment that they didn’t fight for me. You always hope that, in spite of it all, your guy will see you as a prize worth fighting for, worth becoming a better man for.

But that hasn’t happened for a lot of us single girls. For some of us it’s been quite the opposite–we’ve been hurt, betrayed, used, and abandoned. So it is sometimes tempting to believe that I am not worth fighting for. If it is that easy for each one of those guys to walk away, then maybe I’m not really a prize worth winning.

I think we all have those days. They are difficult to say the least. BUT, it is on those days that we must also recognize the lies behind such a mindset. The truth is that you ARE worth fighting for. The truth is that you ARE a prize worth winning. And how do I know that? Because God fought for you. God loved you and treasured you greatly. He declared that you are worth the battle.

I don’t mean that to sound cliche, but if you stop and consider the magnificent love revealed to us in the Gospel, it’s quite breath-taking. I mean, I want a guy to fight for me, but die for me? That sounds a little extreme. I don’t think I’m worth that.

But God did. And that is a truth we must stand on now, as well as the rest of our lives. I suspect that the desire to be fought for is not satisfied the day you say “I do.” I suspect that married women wrestle with this yearning as well. Your husband might disappoint you or hurt you, and maybe you feel like he doesn’t appreciate you or care about your needs. Well it is in those moments that you too must continue to rest in the knowledge that God fought for you. Our husbands, our boyfriends, our friends–they will all let us down. But not God. He is our Braveheart, our Prince Charming, our Westley.

So if any of you are hurting or lonely today, please take this encouragement. It comes from someone who knows your pain and is familiar with the loneliness. But try not to dwell on it. God fought for us so that we would be free from those things. We must not imprison ourselves when the prison doors have been undone. And we must certainly not mope in a puddle of self-pity when someone has loved us so beautifully. After all, there is a spiritual war going on around us, and we need to do some fighting of our own. When there are so many lost souls, starving children, and war-ravaged countries in this world, I dare not spend another moment wondering if I’m lovable when God has loved me so deeply.

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