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My Latest Crush

By April 11, 2007One Comment

I don’t know if people ever read the comments posted in response to my writing, but I wanted to clarify a comment from my last post that referenced my crush on a guy named “Joseph.” Well, I hate to disappoint in case any of you were trying to figure out who this mysterious “Joseph” is, but the Joseph she’s referring to is the Joseph in Genesis. Either I’m a total nerd, a little bit of a loser, or just really really holy, but here’s the story…

Last week I was preparing Bible study for my college girls, and we were going to be talking about the life of Joseph, so I was reading all about him and how God worked in his life. Well as I was reading what happened to Joseph and how he handled everything in such an amazing and godly way, I realized that my heart had begun to flutter! That’s right, reading about Joseph made me swoon. I mean, seriously, the guy was a total stud! He honored his parents, worked hard, earned the respect and trust of everyone he served, fled from sexual temptation, cared well for those around him, was selfless, was a great leaders, was intelligent, and was even sensitive and quick to forgive. He is the whole package!

The story of Joseph is frequently compared to that of Christ because Joseph was completely blameless (in contrast with other Bible characters like Jacob or David who were definitely not) yet he was still betrayed by the people he loved and served And this comparison with Christ is one of the things I love most about Joseph–he presents us with a standard for our husbands that feels a bit more realistic. While we as women should use Christ as our standard when looking for a husband, the truth of the matter is that we’re not going to marry Christ–we’re going to marry a sinful man. And sometimes this truth makes me think it’s ok to settle…after all, what guy will ever live up to Christ?

But reading about Joseph restores my confidence. Here is a sinful man who was still above reproach in every way, and that is the kind of man I want. And if you ever feel tempted to settle, throw away that romance novel with Fabio on the cover and curl up with Genesis. You can be refreshed and encouraged that there are men of integrity out there.

So even though I was born several thousand years too late, I have no shame in admitting that I have a major crush on Joseph. He’s pretty much the man.

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