Sex in the Church

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The Tuesday morning before I spoke on 1 Corinthians 5, I told someone I was going to be speaking about sex in the church. They stared back at me with a shocked look on their face and said “Sex IN a church?” I quickly cleared up that misunderstanding. My message was about sexual immorality within the Church Body, not about having sex in a church. Sorry to disappoint some of you. 🙂

Below I am posting the audio from that message. It deals with the Christian reponse to sin within the Body of Christ. How are we to treat other Christians when they seem to be rejecting Christ with their lifestyle? Paul comes to a tough conclusion, but it’s one worth hearing.

Because it’s a difficult topic, I was wary of producing a formula for ALL instances of Church discipline, so if you have a question or situation that my talk didn’t cover, feel free to post it here!

You can download the mp3 version of the sermon here.


* The device I used to record this talk died about a minute or two before my talk ended, so when it cuts off it’s not because of your internet.

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