Free 10-Day Study in Philippians

There is one book of the Bible I will never get over. No matter how many times I read it, it never stops blowing my mind! The book of Philippians is a master class in joy–not the ignorant bliss kind of joy which shuts its eyes to the world–but a joy that lives in the grit and still sings hope. I will spend the rest of my life studying this book and getting its message inside me, so join me on this FREE 10-day study as we grow in the deep joy of Christ!

This Study Will Help You:
  • Grasp the context and message of Philippians
  • Understand the real life implications of our joy in Christ
  • Identify 8 broken areas of your life in which to live out this defiant joy
This Study Features:
  • Short, daily devotions from Sharon
  • Historical background and biblical teaching
  • Practical applications