Wedding Mania!

By March 30, 20093 Comments

Around Christmas time I posted several videos created be a comedienne named Sarah Haskins. I’m a big fan of her “Target Women” shorts and the critiques they make of American female culture. They’re extremely entertaining and insightful.

Well as I plan a wedding and find myself stressing over *important* things like what color chairs to have at the reception, Haskins’ video on “Wedding Shows” is a great wake up call. In a world that insists your wedding day is ALL ABOUT YOU, it’s no wonder some brides have become so conceited.

And I have to admit it’s tempting to become so–if I want to have the kind of wedding that I read about in bridal magazines, I’ll probably have to blackmail a wedding planner and sell my first born child! Those weddings are slightly out of my price range, yet that’s what magazines are selling as “the norm.”

That’s why it’s so hard to keep perspective. You have to constantly remind yourself that it’s not about you at all, but about Christ–a message that’s in direct conflict with everything the wedding industry stands for.

When we indulge the part of ourselves that revels in being the center of the universe for a day, we’re not participating in the age-old tradition of wedding planning–we’re just being blindly self-involved. And we do so at the risk of eclipsing the real message of marriage–Christ’s love for the Church. So even though Haskins’ perspective is coming from a more secular angle, it’s just the kick in the pants that I need!


  • Joe Jones says:

    so at the rate we’re going I am going to post a comment every time you blog. But, it’s all love. And, I found out yesterday that my friend from DSI Zach taught Sarah Haskins improv in Chicago. Crazy Right!?!

  • Sarah says:

    The video was hilarious and insightful. Thanks for sharing.

  • sherri says:

    Thanks for posting. That was a really good reminder for me. I’ve kept just thinking that I want to elope because I wanted to avoid all of the above. But what I really want is to just have a fun wedding that anyone else who goes to will enjoy as well. If it’s not a celebration for all involved then I’d rather just skip the whole thing. But the dress and the cake are the kickers. I think I’d feel ripped off if I didn’t have those. *sigh
    I guess a lot will depend on my husband. I just don’t want to spend money to avoid other people viewing me as a ‘failure’ because I didn’t have a ‘successful’ wedding.

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