The Question No Parent Wants to Ask

Every now and then I’m reminded that following Jesus is hard. It’s hard. Much harder than I like to believe–mostly because I don’t let myself live the hard stuff. Not often, anyway. Most of the time, Jesus helps me to have a better life. Jesus is the reason I have a good marriage and a wholesome family….
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The Bravest Choice

A few weeks ago I saw something on Facebook I had never seen before. A long-time acquaintance, who I knew to be a committed Christian, announced that she was pregnant. At this stage in my life, pregnancy announcements are about as common as Tuesdays, but her news was a little different. She wasn’t married. For…
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To the Not-So-Sure Ones

“I believe; help my unbelief.” – Mark 9:24 Ever since I was a little girl, faith has come easily to me. It wasn’t hard to believe in God. It wasn’t hard to believe God loved me. It wasn’t hard to trust Him, and it wasn’t hard to trust the church. That doesn’t mean I haven’t…
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That Billy Graham Rule

Nearly a year ago, my husband took a job as a pastor in North Carolina. His career-shift brought with it new challenges and questions, one of which was this: What boundaries should we have for our marriage? It’s not that we didn’t have boundaries before, but Ike had been a grad student until then. As a pastor…
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Last Week I Went to Charleston

Last week I went to Charleston. I planned the trip months ago with my mom and cousins. It was going to be a fun, all girls get-away. We do it every summer, and Charleston is one of my favorite spots. It’s the city where Ike and I fell in love, and it’s the city where…
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