On Nailing “My Ministry” to the Cross

Believe it or not, I have a friend who enjoys labor. Yeah, that labor. The kind that ends with a baby being born. I talked with her a lot when I was pregnant with my son. Like most first time mothers, I was nervous about labor and uncertain of what to expect. Would I be…
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Remembering the Mother with Empty Arms

Let me tell you why I am grateful for my friend Robbyn. On January 11 of this year, Robbyn gave birth to a precious little boy named Zion. Zion was not expected to live long because he was born with a condition cablled Trisomy 18, which typically results in fatal medical complications. Some children with…
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Imposter Syndrome

Three and a half years ago I sat on a stiff-backed chair at the end of a row, shifting in my seat, nervous and excited, and surrounded by 20 people just like me. We were the incoming doctoral students at Trinity, and we were there for orientation. Though the PhD is a terminal degree, we…
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Following the Bread Crumbs to Freedom

As a mom, there are some days when I am SO grateful for social media. Like those days when I’m home alone for hours and hours, and by 3pm I still haven’t brushed my teeth or changed out of my pajamas and I barely feel like a human being. On those days, social media feels…
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IF: Gathering – Day 2

As I write this, I’m sitting in the Houston airport staring out at a row of planes and a cloudy sky above. Yesterday feels almost like a dream, such a pure and holy moment. The task of distilling everything in my heart my right now–which is brimming–into a blog post seems almost impossible. But here…
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