Hi friends!


After years of requests, I have posted my doctoral dissertation here for you to access for free, so I hope it is a helpful resource to you. If this is your first time visiting my site and you don’t know why on earth I am posting my dissertation, here is a short background:


I earned my PhD in Educational Studies with a focus on why evangelical women go to seminary. Very few evangelical women take the step to get further education for ministry, but some do, and I was curious what “worked” for this latter group. What factors were in their lives to encourage them to go to seminary, when so few of their peers make the same choice? I interviewed women at several seminaries, and I was amazed by their stories!


Ultimately, the question behind the question of my research is how we can better cultivate the gifts of women in the church. If this sounds interesting or helpful to you, please enter your name and e-mail, and I will send you a copy!