Summer Book Giveaway: A Beautiful Disaster

Y’all, I am SO thrilled to introduce you to my dear friend, Marlena Graves!! Marlena has just written her first book, A Beautiful Disaster: Finding Hope in the Midst of Brokenness, and it is a Christ-centered look at our journeys through the wilderness. I’ve been reading it as I walk through my own season of…
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Confessions of a Needy Woman

A few months ago, Ike and I added a new parenting milestone to our resumé: we were sick at the same time. Maybe “milestone” isn’t the right word–the experience was somewhere between a trauma and an accomplishment–but either way, we did it. We survived. And lest you think this was a little sniffly cold that…
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What the Butterfly Knows

If you were to ask any of my friends–or any of my family members, for that matter–what my dissertation is about, you would get a lot of different answers that run the gamut of, “Ummm, I think it’s about education?” “Is it about women in seminary, maybe?” “I think she said something about women and…
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Don’t Call Me a Warrior

You are brave. You are courageous. You are strong. You are a warrior. You are a soldier for Christ. Lately I’ve noticed this language is everywhere in books and blogs for women. Life is a battle, and we are the brave soldiers fighting the good fight, waking up everyday to face the world with our…
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The Knotted Heart

I used to think of my sin as a single thread of yarn woven into my heart. If I could just pinpoint the thread and grab hold of its end, I could pull it right out. Like a loose string on the hem of my dress. Over time I have come to see my sin…
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