What Kind of Loud Are You?

I am a loud woman. At least, I feel like I am. It’s not that I have a thundering voice, and I’m no Janice from Friends (at least I hope not!), but I’m not afraid to speak up. I can be loud loud, but mostly I’m just stick-my-foot-in-my-mouth loud. As long as I can remember,…
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Kicking Off the New Year with a Necklace Giveaway!

Happy New Year, y’all! I hope everyone had a meaningful Christmas and a fun New Year’s celebration. In case you missed it, this was me on New Years Eve night, living the rock star life I live. <—– As you can also see, I am now 34 weeks pregnant, which means we are counting down…
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When Your Abuser is a Christian

I wish you could meet my friend, Ingrid. Ingrid Faro and I first met through Trinity, where she was working on her PhD in Old Testament. Since then she has graduated and is now a professor at the Scandinavian School of Theology in Uppsala, Sweden. She is brilliant, but that’s not what I love most…
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A Strange Gladness

Ever since I had Isaac, I can hardly bear to watch animated movies with tragic story lines about parents and sons. Finding Nemo? Forget about it. Bambi? No. The Lion King. Definitely not. I’ve learned to avoid a lot of these movies, but one recently caught me by surprise. I don’t know how I didn’t…
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The High Capacity Woman

In case you hadn’t heard, last Monday was kind of a big day for me. I successfully defended my dissertation, which means I am officially DONE with my PhD! WOOHOO! This moment has been four and a half years in the making, so I’ve been on cloud nine all week! <—Cue the cheesy grin! Right…
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