The Knotted Heart

I used to think of my sin as a single thread of yarn woven into my heart. If I could just pinpoint the thread and grab hold of its end, I could pull it right out. Like a loose string on the hem of my dress. Over time I have come to see my sin…
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The Parable of the Winter Tomato

If you’ve ever ordered a burger from a fast food restaurant, you’ve probably had this experience: You’ve just ordered your burger and you’re about ready to eat. Then, just before you add the ketchup and mustard, you notice something. Buried between a pile of lettuce and onion is a slice of tomato. But this is…
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If Envy Were a Fever

I can’t believe it’s been over 40 days since I last wrote here! God took me me on quite a journey over Lent, and I’m excited to share some of that with you. The last 40 days have been great. Better than great, in fact. They’ve been peaceful and full of joy. After I got…
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On Nailing “My Ministry” to the Cross

Believe it or not, I have a friend who enjoys labor. Yeah, that labor. The kind that ends with a baby being born. I talked with her a lot when I was pregnant with my son. Like most first time mothers, I was nervous about labor and uncertain of what to expect. Would I be…
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Remembering the Mother with Empty Arms

Let me tell you why I am grateful for my friend Robbyn. On January 11 of this year, Robbyn gave birth to a precious little boy named Zion. Zion was not expected to live long because he was born with a condition cablled Trisomy 18, which typically results in fatal medical complications. Some children with…
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