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Once describing the pitfalls and perils of fame, comedian Steve Martin made the following observation: “Being a celebrity can cause an accidental cheapening of the things one holds dear.  A slip of the tongue in an interview and it’s easy to feel I’ve sold out some private part of my life in exchange for publicity.”…
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Dealing with Facebook Envy

This week in class one of my professors told the story of an anthropologist who documented the habits and practices of a remote, South Pacific tribe. According to this anthropologist, the tribe was like a modern day Eden, devoid of problems and, remarkably, sin. He then concluded that the tribe evidenced the unimportance–and even danger–of…
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Taming the Technological Tongue

Last week I stumbled upon a fascinating article by John MacArthur entitled “Social Media and Digital Discernment.” In the article MacArthur explores a number of the potentially destructive aspects of social media. As someone who values technology but has also written about the potential pitfalls of it, I recommend the article. It’s a helpful read….
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