Confessions of a Needy Woman

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A few months ago, Ike and I added a new parenting milestone to our resumé: we were sick at the same time. Maybe “milestone” isn’t the right word–the experience was somewhere between a trauma and an accomplishment–but either way, we did it. We survived. And lest you think this was a little sniffly cold that descended on our home, it …


What the Butterfly Knows

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If you were to ask any of my friends–or any of my family members, for that matter–what my dissertation is about, you would get a lot of different answers that run the gamut of, “Ummm, I think it’s about education?” “Is it about women in seminary, maybe?” “I think she said something about women and leadership.” “I have no idea.” …


To the one who humbles us ever so gently

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“The humble live in continuous peace, while in the hearts of the proud are envy and frequent anger.” Thomas a Kempis The older I get the more I have realized what a terrible burden it is to be prideful. Thomas a Kempis had it right–nothing steals my contentment, peace, and joy more than the jealousy, anger, and pressure that comes …

I Am Not Superwoman

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I am really embarrassed to admit this, but when I picture myself as a pregnant woman in a doctoral program, I long to be like Elizabeth Banks’ character on 30 Rock, Avery. In case you’re unfamiliar with the show, Avery is the girlfriend (later wife) of Alec Baldwin’s character, Jack. She is a kick-butt news correspondent who has her entire …

The Elusive Virtue of Humility

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As some of you may remember, last year I fasted from blogging and used the season of Lent to re-examine my motives as a writer. It was a valuable time for me that brought some of my sinful tendencies into the light. Ever since then, I have spent a lot of time and prayer reflecting on the reasons for my …