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Don’t Waste Your Life

By November 19, 2008No Comments

I’m at UNCG right now in the middle of a crazy day so I don’t have much time to write, but I just heard a story this morning that I thought was pretty cool.

Currently at UNCG, there is a student who is finishing her degree as she fulfills her lifelong goal to be a nurse. She is set to graduate in May. She is also 71 years old.

What strikes me about this woman is that she plans to START a whole new career after she graduates. She’s not just seeking the degree–it’s not like one of those “bucket list” goals, like climbing Mt. Everest  or sky diving or getting a tattoo. Those are all one time accomplishments that you complete and then it’s over. They don’t really change the direction of your life or require anything of you in the long-term. This women, on the other hand, is altering the entire direction of her life up to this point and starting anew. In her 70’s!

It is individuals like her who remind us that it’s never to late to stop, alter your course, and start using your life for its created purpose.

And this especially goes out to those of you who are in your twenties and think your life track is already set–if you think that you can’t live a radical life for God because you already went to college and got such-and-such degree and your parents are expecting you to be a lawyer or a doctor and your husband is expecting you to provide him with the American dream, white-picket fence life with 2.5 kids and a dog….and the list goes on.

If all of your circumstances seem like too much to overcome, if your life trajectory is too firmly set to move off course, just remember grandma over here at UNCG, sitting in her classes next to 18 year olds with nose rings and who probably think she’s just confused and got lost and wandered in there on accident.

It is NEVER too late to pursue God. It is NEVER too late to live the life God really designed for you. Any other excuse is just a cop out.

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