So Long, Gary, Hello Healing!

Sharon Church 3 Comments

Yesterday was bittersweet. I parted ways with a lifelong companion who has journeyed with me these 32 years. I’ll admit that for a majority of those years I took him for granted. Despite all that he did for me, I never gave him much thought. It wasn’t until he stopped being a team player and began acting out that I …

Rescued by the Bride

Sharon Church, Community 4 Comments

During my twenties my parents used to joke that I would always have a crisis when they were on vacation. When I was single, that certainly seemed to be the case. Whenever they were out of the country, out of cell phone range, or generally out of reach, I would become sick with a parasite, or go through a horrible …

Church Cultures That Crush the Weak

Sharon Church, Community 11 Comments

In the last several months, Sovereign Grace Ministries, a network of Reformed churches, has been in the news as the result of a sexual abuse scandal and allegations of a cover up. Although there is much we don’t know for sure, some of the adults accused of abusing children at two different SGM churches are now serving time in prison. …


It’s ok if you don’t want to hold my kid.

Sharon Church, Community, Parenting 7 Comments

Before my son was born, I wouldn’t have described myself as a baby person. It’s not that I disliked babies; on the contrary, I thought they were great! But I wasn’t totally comfortable with babies or small children. Or really larger children, for that matter. I didn’t know the best way to hold them or interact with them. Especially in …


Why We Need More Nosy Church People

Sharon Church, Community 6 Comments

We sat in the car together, her in the driver’s seat and me in the passenger, as she recounted the disintegration of her marriage. Years ago she had watched as her husband slowly succumbed to alcoholism, dragging the family down with him. She fought hard for her marriage and begged him to quit, but nothing ever changed. Both the husband …


Why I Don’t Like Going to Church Anymore

Sharon Church, Community 16 Comments

Ever since Isaac was born, going to church has turned into a challenge of epic proportions. I feel like one of those contestants on the show Double Dare. Remember that show? I may not have to crawl through pits of slime or scale enormous walls while pies are being launched at my face, but the obstacles are just as great! …

My Perspective on the Women in Ministry Debate

Sharon Church 24 Comments

Last week I wrote a book review for Her.meneutics, the content of which led one commenter to assume I was hiding an obviously complementarian bias. This assumption made me laugh because I have, at others times, been “accused” of being egalitarian. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by these differing assumptions about my views, because women in ministry is not …

The Church of People Who Like to Be Liked

Sharon Church, Love 5 Comments

I really enjoy being nice to people. Initiating friendly small talk with my grocery store cashier or graciously showing patience to my over-worked waitress all bring me happiness. There’s something about sharing a laugh with a stranger or bringing a smile to a person’s face that is nearly exhilarating. I love it. I walk away with an extra skip in …