The Knotted Heart

Sharon Sanctification, Suffering 2 Comments

I used to think of my sin as a single thread of yarn woven into my heart. If I could just pinpoint the thread and grab hold of its end, I could pull it right out. Like a loose string on the hem of my dress. Over time I have come to see my sin differently. Now, I see my …


The Sacred Ache

Sharon Sanctification, Suffering 4 Comments

Hey y’all! I know it’s been a couple weeks since I last posted. For the past two weeks I have been in North Carolina visiting family, attending weddings, and throwing baby showers. Ike and I also squeezed in a quick trip to Charleston where we celebrated our anniversary and ate way too much delicious food. The trip has been wonderful …


5 Lessons I Learned in My Twenties

Sharon Sanctification 8 Comments

What a difference 5 years can make. An even bigger difference a decade! A couple weeks ago I attended my 10 year college reunion, and it’s really had me thinking. These reunions have become significant mile markers in my life: At my five year reunion I had attained my M.Div., was working as a college minister, and Ike and I …

On Fear: A Lesson from Labor

Sharon Sanctification, Suffering 2 Comments

Isaac is a week old today, which is pretty hard to believe! The craziness of the labor and delivery all seem light years away. Instead of taking the time I would like to reflect on my experience giving birth, I’ve spent my days nursing, changing diapers, and getting to know this tiny little guy who has entered our lives. Although …

A Happy Pain

Sharon Sanctification 5 Comments

Last week I had a pregnancy scare following our doctor’s appointment. The appointment itself went perfectly fine since everything is as it should be–healthy weight gain, healthy belly growth, and healthy pee! However, during the appointment my doctor instructed me to begin counting our son’s kicks. If time has passed without movement, she told me to eat something or drink …

Are You Ever Afraid of God?

Sharon Encouragement, Sanctification 6 Comments

This week I faced my first real speed bump as a mother-to-be. I failed my glucose test, which means I might have gestational diabetes. For some reason I took the news REALLY hard. Part of the reason is that I was so totally surprised by it. I don’t have any risk factors, I am healthy, I eat right (for the …

The Foolishness of Kindness

Sharon Sanctification 11 Comments

I really, really, REALLY dislike politics. I dislike the election season even more. Although I appreciate the need for elections and politicians, I do not appreciate the incivility they arouse in Americans. So much of it is disappointing, and I often find myself tempted to become cynical. Which is why, as the election season gears up, I want to offer …