The Wide Gate to Superficial Friendships

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This post is Part 2 in a brief series about gossip. To read Part 1 click here. Whenever I write about the topic of taming the tongue, whether I address gossip, sarcasm, or other speech related vices, I always meet with a similar critique. Without fail, one or two commenters almost always protest, “But you define it differently than I …


Why Do I Feel Lonely If I’m Never Alone?

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Community can be so elusive, can’t it? I didn’t fully understand the rareness of true, heart friends until I moved away from North Carolina 2 years ago. Starting over is much harder than I thought it would be, but cross-country re-locations are not the only obstacle to community. Another barrier to community can be life stage. As a single person, …

The Great Friendship Debate

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One of the issues Ike and I have struggled with ever since we’ve been together is the question of cross-gender friendships. By “struggle” I don’t mean that we’ve wrestled with jealousy or inappropriate intimacy with someone of the opposite sex. Instead, we’ve struggled with how to articulate cross-gender friendship in a manner that is both wise, honoring to God, honoring …

Women and Competition: The Ugly Truth

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Today I read an article that made me very sad. It was written by a woman whom I respect, though we disagree on some things. This particular article (about which I will not disclose any more details than what I have here) arrived at some conclusions that I do not share, but what disappointed me was the author’s tone. It …