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Women and the Super Bowl

Sharon Pop-Culture, Purity, Sex 11 Comments

Well another Super Bowl has come and gone, and while the Ravens fans are probably all celebrating this morning, I have found myself asking a lot of hard questions. And no, I’m not referring to the power outage. After spending my evening tuning in and out of the game, I ended the night with an unmistakeably icky feeling. Some of …

Ghost Adventures

Sharon Pop-Culture, Seasonal, Theology 2 Comments

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In honor of the holiday weekend I thought I would write a Halloween themed post. And I could think of no better way to kick it off than with a picture of my dog in her Halloween costume! We don’t normally dress her up, but the town where I live had a massive pumpkin festival in which we competed to …


Sharon Modesty, Pop-Culture, Purity, Worldview 4 Comments

On the news this week I heard about a young woman who urged women to show off their cleavage on April 27th. She began this movement in protest against a Muslim leader who blamed natural disasters on female immodesty. The satirical aim of this gesture was to “test” his theory and see if the mass exposure of cleavage would have …

Why Women Leave

Sharon Love, Marriage, Pop-Culture, Sex 6 Comments

As a newlywed who has witnessed many marriages in my parents’ generation dissolve, I entered into marriage with a small degree of anxiety. Although my parents have been married for over 30 years and I thoroughly trust my husband, one never ceases to hear stories about pastors and other respectable men who one day reveal that their entire lives have …

Another Reason Why I’m Not on Twitter

Sharon Pop-Culture, Self-control 1 Comment

So I know I’m the last person on earth who still isn’t on Twitter (except for my husband–family solidarity!). In the past I’ve written about the various temptations and pitfalls of social networking sites, not because I’m trying to be Amish but simply discerning. As positive an impact as these technologies have had, there are also temptations as well and …

What Would Jesus Tweet?

Sharon Pop-Culture, Self-control 3 Comments

As some of you know, I’m now working as a free-lance writer and part-time researcher, which means I get to make my own schedule. Which I love. The only problem with making my own schedule is that it requires a tremendous amount of discipline, discipline I really don’t have. I’ll sit down to work on a project and then out …

Life Without Regrets

Sharon Forgiveness, Pop-Culture, Worldview 1 Comment

The next time you hear someone say, “I don’t believe in having regrets,” pay attention. You’ll most likely hear it from a celebrity on t.v., but it’s a mantra that has come to define our culture. We are a culture that doesn’t believe in having regrets. What this really means is that no one ever wants to admit they made …

When Super Models Aren’t Super Enough

Sharon Body Image, Pop-Culture, Self-esteem 7 Comments

Over the years I’ve posted a number of blogs about body image and how tremendously the images of women in the media shape our understanding of beauty. And while most of us realize that these images represent a tiny percentile of the entire human race–and likely an unhealthy, semi-starved percentile at that–it turns out these women don’t even live up …