Pray for the Johns Day

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“Power without morality is no longer power.” – James Baldwin What will you be doing this Super Bowl Sunday? I feel almost un-American admitting this, but I have no idea who is playing in the Super Bowl this year. In fact, I had no idea this weekend even was Super Bowl weekend until a few days ago. If I watch …

Looking for the Christ-Like Potential

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Yesterday Cas spoke at WBS about the second half of Philippians 3 and knocked it out of the park! (I’m still working on posting the audio but we’re having technical difficulties. I’m probably the difficulty, but I’m working on it.) Since I can’t post the audio, I wanted to highlight something she said that has not only captivated my imagination …

Pray Expectantly

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Acts 12 has single-handedly transformed my prayer life. But before I explain how, let me share with you a story I recently came across that is both funny, challenging and relevant: There’s a story of a young girl who wrote a letter to a missionary to let him know that her class had been praying for him. But evidently she’d …