Sand in Every Crevice

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If you hang around here often, you know that one of my big passions, the thing I talk about all the time, is calling. I am such a believer in Christians using their gifts for the Kingdom of God, and I’ve given a lot of my attention toward women in particular. It’s what I wrote my PhD on, for Pete’s sake! …

The Good Girl’s Rebellion

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I’ve been sitting on this post for several months. I first began to write it after a conversation with some friends from church. We were talking about our spiritual journeys, and mine was pretty uninteresting: I was raised in the church, I followed the rules, and I never needed to learn the hard way. I always did what was expected of me, and I …

Four Things Gentleness Is Not

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I have this theory about raising girls. It’s based on my own childhood and the messages I received, and the theory goes like this: As children, boys are taught the importance of controlling their strength. Of all the rules, “don’t hit girls” is chief. Boys are taught their power is for protecting people, not hurting them, so we teach boys the appropriate …

How to Stop the Train

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You know I’m a huge fan of marriage counseling, right? If you visit here much, you’re going to hear me talk about marriage counseling, because I think EVERYONE should do it. Seriously. Marriage counselors are such an incredible resource. Ike and I love ours, and she has given us so much great advice over the years. Along those lines, I want to share …

3 Ways to Flourish in the Desert

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Let me tell you about my current season of life. I have two boys, age three and under, which means my schedule is a disaster. I live and die by my infant’s naps, and I am never, ever alone. Forget about long, undistracted writing sessions. Forget about quiet, awe-inspiring moments in God’s Word. Most days, I read my Bible on my …


When Your Abuser is a Christian

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I wish you could meet my friend, Ingrid. Ingrid Faro and I first met through Trinity, where she was working on her PhD in Old Testament. Since then she has graduated and is now a professor at the Scandinavian School of Theology in Uppsala, Sweden. She is brilliant, but that’s not what I love most about her. Ingrid has survived …


The High Capacity Woman

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In case you hadn’t heard, last Monday was kind of a big day for me. I successfully defended my dissertation, which means I am officially DONE with my PhD! WOOHOO! This moment has been four and a half years in the making, so I’ve been on cloud nine all week! <—Cue the cheesy grin! Right before I walked into the …

The Woman Who Looked Back

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At some time or another, every person has the following, ground-shifting realization: I am not a kid anymore. I’m an adult. It’s time to let go and grow up. This is the story of when that happened to Ike and me. It was a hot summer night and I was 8 months pregnant with Isaac. We wanted to rent a …


The Parable of the Winter Tomato

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If you’ve ever ordered a burger from a fast food restaurant, you’ve probably had this experience: You’ve just ordered your burger and you’re about ready to eat. Then, just before you add the ketchup and mustard, you notice something. Buried between a pile of lettuce and onion is a slice of tomato. But this is no ordinary tomato. It’s pale, …