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The High Capacity Woman

Sharon Sabbath, Spiritual Health, Stewardship 5 Comments

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In case you hadn’t heard, last Monday was kind of a big day for me. I successfully defended my dissertation, which means I am officially DONE with my PhD! WOOHOO! This moment has been four and a half years in the making, so I’ve been on cloud nine all week! <—Cue the cheesy grin! Right before I walked into the …

Redeeming the Christmas Shopping Frenzy

Sharon Finances, Stewardship 11 Comments

Although the end of the semester is in sight, my life is still a tornado of writing papers, which has unfortunately left me little time for personal/fun writing on here. That said, I thought I would re-post a piece I wrote this time last year. Since I posted this last December, God has continued to teach me about shopping in …

Bargain Shopping and Cheap Grace

Sharon Finances, Social Justice, Stewardship 3 Comments

Have you ever looked back on the past year and noticed a few major themes or lessons that God was teaching you? This year, one of those themes has been stewardship. In particular, I have been challenged with how I spend the “other 90%”–that is, the money that I don’t tithe or give to charity. That money belongs to God …

Don’t Waste Your Singleness

Sharon Singleness, Stewardship 5 Comments

One of my favorite stories from my years as a college minister came out of a conversation with a Freshman girl about singleness. We both sat in my office as she bemoaned the fact that she’d never had a boyfriend, and wondered aloud if she would EVER get married. At the time, I was newly engaged at the age of …

Tithing Your Schedule

Sharon Sabbath, Spiritual Health, Stewardship 1 Comment

Hi friends! Ike and I have been traveling all over creation, which is why I haven’t been on here the last week. This weekend we went to the mountains with some friends and we were completely disconnected from the outside world. No internet, very little cell phone service, and hardly any clocks in our cabin. I admit there was a …

A Redemptive Approach to Shopping

Sharon Community, Social Justice, Stewardship 5 Comments

Over the years I’ve written a lot about the temptation to find comfort and release from shopping. When you’re having a bad day or feeling down on yourself, shopping can be an easy pick-me-up. In fact, it can be just as addictive as a drug. Shopping, clothes and outward appearance can all become idols upon which we depend for security …

The Virtuous Recession

Sharon Stewardship 0 Comments

As you read these words I am probably flying through the air, back to the States after vacationing with family. That means the re-runs are coming to an end and the next time I post will be a fresh one! In the mean time, I thought I would end with a post that got me slammed by salon.com. Haha! It …

The Insanity of College Students

Sharon Stewardship 0 Comments

For all you college students and recent grads out there, this post is especially for you… Last night I had the privilege of catching up with some old college students from my days as a campus minister. These girls are on fire for the Lord and I sat with my jaw hanging open as they told me about a woman …

When You Don’t Have Time to Give

Sharon Sabbath, Stewardship 0 Comments

When it comes to giving our money to the church, my husband and I have tried to abide by two basic principles: 1) Give generously on a consistent basis, and 2) Budget our money in a way that allows us to be generous at unexpected times. For instance, say that a family in the church has an urgent financial need. …