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Lipstick Jungle

By September 30, 20082 Comments

Catty girlsThis past week the Wall Street Journal featured an article about the state of female culture in America. While women may moan and groan about how poorly their male counterparts treat them, this article noted that women treat one another just as badly.

Now that is a topic that I have touched on numerous times here on my blog, but the article pointed out a refreshing exception to the trend. While college campuses are full of women who back-bite and slander one another, Christian campuses are remarkably different. In the author’s experience, it’s conservatives, not feminists, who seem to have a healthier view of womanhood when it comes to the daily treatment of fellow females. We respect one another better on a basic, practical level.

Even though the article doesn’t present any hard data to back this claim,  it serves as a fantastic reminder that when we gossip about one another, slander girls of whom we are jealous, and date one another’s boyfriends, then we put our witness on the line.

As Scripture reminds us, Christians are to be known by our love. And while I am pleased by this article’s portrayal of Christian women, it’s also a bit on the idealistic side–Christian women can be rather catty too. That said, the next time you’re tempted to spew a verbal assault on another girl, remember that people are watching you. We should be a breath of fresh air and a safe haven in the dog-eat-dog world that is American womanhood.

Be sure to check out the article here. It will give you a great taste of what NOT to do!


  • Deanna says:

    This is so true! Even now teaching my 9 year old daughter the importance of pleasing Jesus above all else and treating others as she would want to be treated is paramount. Amazing how her worst friends are often her churched friends. That goes for me too. 🙁

  • jennifer says:

    LOL I went ahead and went to the article from some lunch hour reading and low and behold! Hillsdale! I went to Hillsdale and graduated in ’06. I just went back for homecoming and had it on the brain. I would like to kindly point out that Hillsdale isn’t a Christian school. It does however attract the conservative/religious students.

    Thanks for your thoughts/reminder about living a life that puts Christ’s love on display.

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