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The Comforter

By August 25, 2010One Comment

As a person who loves to do ministry through writing, it’s been an awesome privilege to write for a webzine called Ungrind. Designed for women and written by women, this online publication addresses one topic a month and features various articles dealing with that topic. The topic for August was “comfort,” and I wrote an article that is currently being featured on the site.

Below I have inserted a bit of a teaser with a link to the rest of the article at the end. But I also encourage you to check out the entire site! There are a lot of fantastic female writers who contribute to it, and the editor herself is especially talented. I know you’ll find it to be a great source encouragement as you read the thoughts and insights of women who are living life in pursuit of Christ.


Excerpt from “The Comforter”

Four summers ago, I made a memory I wish I could forget. It’s the kind of memory that makes me cringe every time I recall it. I try to push it out of my brain as quickly as I can. When I do think on it, I am filled with regret.

I worked at a local hospital as a chaplain. I was interning there as part of my seminary education, and the work was emotionally grueling. After a few days of training I was thrown into the deep end to either sink or swim. I counseled pregnant teenagers, and comforted families through the illness of a loved one. I rushed to the ER when a trauma arrived and contacted the victim’s family. I sat with them and offered prayer after the doctor informed them of their loss. It was rewarding work, but it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

It was also the occasion for one of my greatest regrets.

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One Comment

  • Ashley says:

    Sharon, Thank you for the terrific article!! This is exactly what I needed to be reminded of as we begin a new year as a school counselor. I have to remind myself that my counseling skills are far inferior to those of the Holy Spirit. I must constantly seek His guidance to effectively provide comfort and guidance to my students and their families. Have you read “Speaking the Truth in Love?” – a great book about Christian counseling and helping.

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