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A Three Hour Tour

By May 21, 2007One Comment

Well, actually three days. That’s right, I’m about to hit the high seas for a few days to see the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsunday Islands. So far Australia has been INCREDIBLE! Several days ago we spent some time at Manly Beach, which was given its name because the Aborigines there were the only ones who didn’t run away from the European settlers–they were “manly,” and hence the name. True story.

Yesterday we climbed the Harbor Bridge which was absolutely gorgeous. I also found out that my Austalian nickname is “Shazzah, ” which sounds kind of like “Shazam.” I hate it, but my climbing guide felt it was necessary to refer to me as Shazzah the enitre 3 and a half hours.

Today we flew out of Sydney for the Whitsunday Coast, named for its white sand, and it’s beautiful. Tonight we’re hopping on a boat for several days, so pray that I don’t get sea sick and that the boat doesn’t sink in shark-infested waters. That would be bad.

And thanks to all of you who contributed to me having “In the Land Down Under” in my head for the last couple days. Seriously…I hate that song now.


One Comment

  • Clifford says:

    I would kill (a small animal) for a nick like “Shazzah” – or the male form “Shazzoh” – anything is better than “Ford…”

    That is an awesome story about Manly Beach…keep on rockin’ down yonder!

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