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When I was in college, I could always tell which of my classmates was from Texas. Without fail, each native Texan displayed his or her state flag somewhere in their dorm room. I remember thinking this was so strange. As much as I love my own home state of North Carolina, it never would have dawned on me to pin the state flag over my bed.

College was when I became acquainted with Texas pride, which runs deep and stands tall. My Texas classmates had a connection and a loyalty to one another that struck me as so funny at the time, but this week I’ve seen it in a totally new light.

As Houston and its surrounding areas reel from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, I have watched church after church leap to the rescue. Churches in Dallas, Austin, College Station, and more. It’s all hands on deck down there. And I am so proud. They are being the Body of Christ so beautifully.

Yesterday I reached out to a number of my friends in Texas to find out how we can give direct support to on-the-ground efforts. There are SO many organizations going in, but how can we give directly? What’s the best way? What they told me is that one of the best options right now is to give to Houston area churches.

So, I asked for names. I started with three churches, which I posted on Facebook last night. Then the rest of my Texas friends caught wind. They began contacting me with the names of other Houston churches they love, and can vouch for, and which need our support. As the list began to grow, I figured I would share the churches here instead of my Facebook page.

The following is a list of Houston area churches, and 100% of your donations to these churches will go toward victims of Hurricane Harvey.  I hope you will pick a handful to support.

And one more thing: will you pray over this list? Will you speak each church by name, and bring them before the Lord? They have such a long road ahead, and your particular prayer in your particular house, or car, or office today, it makes a difference.

Bayou City Fellowship

Houston’s First Baptist Church

Clear Creek Community Church

Christ Community Church

The Fellowship

City Church Houston

St. Martin’s Episcopal Church

Hope City Houston

*I have also received prayer requests for Emmanuel Episcopal Church, and St. Thomas Episcopal Church, which were damaged during the flooding.

To all you residents of Houston, Rockport, Corpus Christi and other affected areas, we love you guys and we are with you. You are covered in prayer, and we are sending all the help that we can. Your God sees you, and so do we.

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