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A Woman After My Own Heart!

By November 14, 2008No Comments

Theology for womenI know I spend a lot of time talking about theology and ethics and philosophy on here, and sometimes I’m afraid that some of you get a little bored, which is why I was delighted to find out that I’m not alone in my Christian nerdiness!

This past summer an author named Wendy Alsup published a book called “Practical Theology for Women.” Wendy is the Deacon in charge of Women’s Theology and Training at Mark Driscoll’s church in Seattle, and on her own blog she says of herself, “I am a wife and mom who happens to like math and theology as well.”

Except for the math part, I think we were destined to be friends. 🙂

To read a great review of Wendy’s new book, click here. It really revs me up to read it.

Also be sure to check out Wendy’s blog, which you can find here.

It is discoveries like these that signal to me the Holy Spirit is on the move. It is the dawn of a new age for women’s ministry!

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