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Exciting News for the Millers!!

By April 9, 20107 Comments

Before I get to the exciting news, here is the audio from Cas’ message on Wednesday at Women’s Bible study. If you missed it, she spoke on contentment and shared a pretty crazy story about hair dye as well! If you missed this week, definitely check it out!


Now on to the news. First, we are NOT pregnant! Haha, sorry to disappoint those of you who were getting excited! We are, however, still doing Natural Family Planning, loving it, and planning to continue it as we enter into this next life stage, which is….


Both Ike and I were accepted into the Doctoral program at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School! He will be studying Systematic Theology and I will be in the Educational Studies program with a focus on Women’s Ministry.

I’m very excited about the chance to study Women’s Ministry on a doctoral level because not much academic research has been done. In the past, Women’s Ministry has frequently been delegated to the realm of “programs” because it often consisted of just that–Women’s Ministry tends to be event driven, and the types of events have become rapidly out-dated at that.

Women’s Ministry should, however, belong to the category of discipleship. During the next few years I will be studying how women learn, the ways in which it is different from men, and what that means for the church’s ministry to women. I hope my studies will also contribute to the direction of the larger church community as the face of the average women changes, and the church seeks to be relevant to her. Some women are already doing this work–I only hope to be one more voice, echoing the undeniable movement of the Holy Spirit in this area.

I have lived in Durham for 10 years, and I’ve served at my church for 6 of those years, so this is a bittersweet time. I have been grieving as much as I’ve been rejoicing. I have friends here in North Carolina who I expect will be my friends for life. I will miss them. But God’s calling on our lives could not be more clear–for whatever reason, He has set this opportunity in our laps and we aim to be good stewards of it. It should be challenging, but I also expect it will be the adventure of a lifetime!

We don’t move until August, so I’m sure I will give more info before then. In the mean time, I am excited about the prospect of learning more about Women’s Ministry, and sharing those insights here!


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