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Women's Ministry

Holy Hotties

By March 13, 20072 Comments

so I just heard about two ministries that I think you should check out. One is called “JC’s Girls” and the other is called “Hookers for Jesus.” Both ministries reach out to women in the sex industry, and both ministries were started by women who were themselves in that industry. What is so beautiful about these ministries is that they’re doing EXACTLY what Christ did. Today, the idea of going to porn conventions for outreach is a shocking idea, but given that Jesus himself hung out with prostitutes, I think that’s exactly where he would be today, so I think we should support our courageous sisters who are in the trenches fighting for the Gospel.

Below are the websites. Both ministries sell t-shirts, so if you wanna support their ministries then this is a good way to do it. My favorite is the “Holy Hottie” t-shirts! what a great idea!

–> JC’s Girls: Right now they only have myspace page links on their website, but the myspace pages will still give you a good idea of what they’re about…

–> Holy Hottie t-shirts: Their t-shirts support the JC’s Girls ministry…

–> Hookers for Jesus:

For this ministry’s t-shirts, go to:


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