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It’s a……

By March 29, 20128 Comments


That’s right, yesterday Ike and I found out the greatest news of our lives so far, that we are having a son!

I’ve gotta tell you that this information means my motherly instincts are as good as squat, because I was TOTALLY sure we were having a girl. But I was wrong. In fact, according to the ultrasound technician, I was VERY wrong. She was so sure he is a boy that she said she would quit her job if our baby turned out to be a girl.

(I won’t post a picture of our son’s family jewels for the sake of his dignity, but let’s just say that his father is proud!)

So I am readjusting to an entirely new vision of our future, which might take a few days, but I am still thrilled! It’s amazing how news like this begins to shift your identity. For the rest of my life, my oldest child will always be a boy. Kind of neat to think about.

And of course, the ultrasound experience was magic in and of itself. It was the first time we saw our son’s face, got to count his fingers and toes (he has five on each!), got to watch him move around, and even “look” at us. He looked absolutely perfect and we can’t wait to meet him in August.

Thanks again to everyone who has been praying for and with us. One of the most precious things about belonging to the church is knowing that in our son’s short life, he has already had numerous prayers prayed over him. What a way to welcome him into the world! And thanks to all of you who share in our joy. We truly hope to raise a man who loves and serves Jesus, and your prayers are essential to that hope. Thank you!


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