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12973527_10101394054196024_580282041826881106_oWelcome to my new site!!!!!!!!!

Y’all. I am jumping up and down over the new look of my blog!!!! And, I’m ESPECIALLY excited because the relaunch of my blog is about more than the design. This new look is symbolic of a new chapter in my life.

If you’ve been following my blog over the years, you know I’m emerging from a particularly crazy season of life. A year after I got married, I spent 4 and a half years earning my PhD. About half way through that, I added to my load just a smidgen by getting pregnant and having a baby. Then–because one baby + doctoral research wasn’t enough–I got pregnant AGAIN!

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I PASSED!!!!!!! #PhD #doneanddone

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Thankfully, I was able to finish school just before my second son was born (that’s me, 7 months pregnant, right after I defended my dissertation), which means I jumped out of the frying pan of doctoral work, and into the fire of having two kids.

All of that to say, I haven’t been able to give as much time and mental energy to writing as I’ve wanted to. In fact, I had to say no to quite a few writing opportunities that I would have loved to do. Each time, I prayed those opportunities would still be there when my circumstances were different. In the mean time, I had to wait, to be patient, and to trust that God’s timing is perfect.

Through it all, I have felt deeply grateful for that season of waiting. God used those years to teach me a LOT about myself and about Him. I think He needed to prune some unhealthy desires from my heart, so I see that season of waiting as a season of grace. Those years prepared me for the next chapter of my life.

But now, a new chapter is about to begin.

Finally, my life is opening up for more time to write and teach. I’m finally able to pursue some lifelong dreams that I never had time for until now, and I CAN’T WAIT to share some of those dreams with you.

It’s almost hard to believe, but I have been blogging at She Worships for nearly 10 years. One of the things I have loved about this site and the people who read it is that y’all are incredibly supportive. Over the years I’ve received e-mails and private messages from readers who resonate with my writing and are cheering me on. Because of how awesome you are and how much I love you, my plan is to put a much higher priority on connecting with you. I want y’all to be the first to hear about new projects, or free goodies, or other fun stuff.

sharon-temp-photoAlong those lines, I have an e-mail list that I never, ever, EVER send anything to, even though literally thousands of you have signed up for it. I am sorry. I am a TOTAL delinquent about that e-mail list! BUT,  I’m changing that. My e-mail list is going to be my new baby, so if you who have been following my writing, or you want to play a small part in this next chapter of my ministry, or if you just like free resources, I want to invite you to sign up for my newsletter. About once or twice a month, my subscribers will be the first to know about exciting news or opportunities. I also want subscribers to feel like I’m going just a step deeper with them than on my blog.

Again, I have so much love for you all. SO MUCH LOVE. Hearing from you is the highlight of my days, and I am so honored and humbled that God has given me this call. I can’t wait to find out what this next chapter holds, and I hope you’ll join me!

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