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Women's Ministry

Philippians Study

By February 18, 2010No Comments

This semester I am co-teaching a Women’s Bible Study at my church and we’re going through the book of Philippians. I will be posting the audio from each week as a resource to the women in the study, but I also thought my regular readers might enjoy it as well!

I’ve really loved studying Philippians because the church at Philippi in particular is a testimony to the amazing things that God can do through the service of women. It’s really incredible, but also very challenging!

I’ll be writing some posts based on ideas from my talks, but to hear more about the birth of the Philippi church and the role of women in the spread of the Gospel, you can listen to my first talk below:


For the second talk by my co-teacher, Cas Monaco, you can listen to the audio below.Whereas my talk was a basic introduction to Philippians, Cas dives into Philippians 1:1-11.


I’ve already learned so much and been so encouraged by the book of Philippians. In this book we find a perfect balance of comfort amidst suffering, mixed with vision for the Kingdom of God. Philippians has a great word for women today, so I hope you will join me as I dig deeper into this challenging letter!

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