Thanksgiving Giveaway: NIV Bible for Women

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So. You may not know this, but this week–yes, this VERY week–is a special American holiday. It’s not as flashy as other holidays, and it doesn’t occupy two months worth of space, but it is a holiday I love.

It’s called Thanksgiving. Remember Thanksgiving? That day when we’re thankful for stuff? You might have forgotten about it, because it’s basically Christmas already. My entire street is covered in lights, and every single store in America looks like Christmas threw up inside. You can still find Thanksgiving decor, but it’s in the back, on clearance.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve started to feel like Thanksgiving is just a speed bump on the way to Christmas. I don’t even know how it happened,  because I really do look forward to Thanksgiving! That’s why I decided to do a little something in honor of this humble holiday. That’s right, it’s giveaway time!

IMG_2911Now this isn’t just any giveaway. This week I am giving away FIVE copies of the brand new NIV Bible for Women, a resource that I am thrilled about for a couple of reasons. First, I am a contributor. Inside you will find several devotions of mine, which I hope will help you dig deeper into Scripture.

The second reason I am excited about this resource is the other women who contributed to it. These women are AMAZING and I am so humbled to have written alongside of them. The list of contributors includes:

– Christine Caine

– Sarah Bessey

– Margaret Feinberg

– Tsh Oxenreider

– Lysa TerKeurst

– Angie Smith

– Nish Weiseth

– Rachel Held Evans

– Annie Downs

– Shauna Niequist

– Kristen Howerton

– Helen Lee

– Amy Groeschel

…as well as a BUNCH of my Her.meneutics friends, like Amy Julia Becker, Marlena Graves, Caryn Rivadeneira, Laura Turner, Amy Simpson, Halee Gray Scott, and Rachel Stone. And then people I just plain like, like Lesley Miller, Bronwyn Lea, Leigh Kramer, Kathy Khang, Micha Boyett, Aleah Marsden, Karen Yates, and Jamie Calloway-Hanauer.

The list goes on and on, and I am so humbled to have been a part of this project. The women who contributed to this resource are so wise, and they love Jesus and his Word, so I really hope it will be a tremendous resource for women.

This week I am giving away 5 free copies of this Bible to readers. If you would like to enter your name for the giveaway, just post a comment below, with an answer to this simple, super spiritual question:

What Thanksgiving food are you most thankful for?

For me, it’s a tie between deep fried turkey and my mother-in-law’s sweet potato casserole. I seriously have dreams about those foods, and no Starbucks red cup can take that away from me! So before Christmas steamrolls in, join me in celebrating the release of this new Bible resource for women, AND Thanksgiving too. Because poor Thanksgiving, we still love you.

I’ll draw the names a week from today. Till then, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!


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  2. Kate

    My absolute favorite is my Granny’s cornbread dressing. I loved it as a kid and still love it today. As an expat, I’ve volunteered every year to make it (even gluten free for friends!) because I can’t imagine Thanksgiving without it.

  3. Lauren Huneycutt

    I love my mom’s sweet potato casserole complete with brown sugar, cinnamon, and marshmallow topping. It really should be in the dessert section. 🙂

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  4. Betsy Hodde

    My mom’s stuffing has always been a favorite. And the cranberry sauce. And the pumpkin pie and I am really hungry right now!

  5. Andria

    I love Thanksgiving too! I mean, the spiritual meaning of Christmas is obviously important to me, but the “practice” of Christmas is often so stressful and exhausting. I love that we have a holiday that literally requires: 1) cooking good food, 2) eating it with people we love and 3) being thankful.
    Speaking of Thanksgiving, I’m most thankful for sweet potato casserole. My family recipe doesn’t use marshmallows, but a pecan crust as the topping, and I love that it’s the one time of year when dessert is just another side.

  6. Katie W

    This year we have gotten out of family events on the actual day (many pre-day feasts) so we are eating ribs. 🙂 But I guess my favorite traditional food is like Casey’s- grandma’s stuffing!

  7. Catherine

    Yay, I love all these women! My favorite (and I’ll have made them about 4 times before this Thanksgiving season is out) is mashed potatoes – but I make “patrician potatoes” with cottage cheese, sour cream, onion, butter, salt & pepper all whipped up and baked, and then sprinkled with slivered almonds. I could eat ’em all day!

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  8. Elizabeth

    Thanks for helping us all pause to consider thanksgiving! And what a great resource to share. My fave is a fancified great bean casserole recipe I found a couple years ago. Yum!

  9. Jennifer

    My favorite Thanksgiving food is a toss up between my aunt’s sweet potato casserole or my sister’s chocolate pie- it always tastes better when someone else makes it to share 🙂

  10. Gracy Grace

    Hello Sharon,
    Since we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Europe, in Belgium especially, how can I participe?
    PS. Please pray for peace in Belgium, France and Europe in general!

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  11. Laura

    Definitely my mother-in-law’s sweet potato casserole. I used to refuse to try sweet potatoes, but in order to be polite to my (at the time) future MIL, I tried a small helping & ended up having thirds! It has become a running joke in our family. 🙂

  12. Jul

    Warm apple pie with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream!

    I always look forward to reading your posts. I check by more often than you write in your blog. I’ve been silent until now… this giveaway was too good to pass up 🙂

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  13. Post

    CONGRATS to Jennifer, Lindsey, Lindsay, and Nicole and Silje! I picked your names in the drawing, and you will be receiving an e-mail from me requesting your mailing address.

    I SO WISH I could give Bible to you all, but I hope you will still check out this resource. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas, my friends!!!

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