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True Sisterhood Podcast

By February 17, 20112 Comments

In my last post I told you about an interview I had scheduled for this this week on the True Sisterhood Podcast. Today I want to fill you in on how it went! The podcast format is like a Christian, radio version of The View. The podcast features four women of different ages and gifts who get together each week to talk about issues relating to women. They invite a guest for each show, and I highly recommend you subscribe so that you can get in on the conversation. They talk about some very thought-provoking subjects, and each woman has a refreshingly unique perspective. I don’t even think I brought anything particularly special to the mix–these ladies were all so incredibly sharp!

If you click on the link above, it will take you to the main page and the audio from my interview is on the left. Let me know what you think!

One issue we wanted to discuss further but didn’t have time was the question of how our appearance affects others. I broached this topic some in my last post, but as I’ve thought about it further I believe there are three Scriptural teachings to consider when it comes to makeup, appearance, or even the shoes you buy, the food you eat and the movies you watch: Your love for God, your love for your neighbor, and your love for yourself.

Love for God

Makeup and other spiritual crutches can threaten our love for God when we depend on them more than Him. In the case of makeup, it’s striking how often women use the language of “confidence,” as if increased confidence is a healthy theological justification. While it is not wrong to like wearing makeup (it certainly can be fun!), we need to examine our hearts when it becomes the source of our security and social courage. Our confidence comes from the unshakable foundation of the love of Christ. Period.

Love for Neighbor

Makeup can also threaten our love for our neighbors when it is worn in a way that causes our sisters to stumble. This guideline should not, of course, lead to a kind of legalism in which all makeup is declared to be evil. The women around you are responsible for their own hearts as well. But knowing the degree to which women grapple with body image, we need to think carefully about how we are encouraging our sisters, rather than reinforcing their insecurities.

Love for Self

Given that Jesus tells us to love our neighbors “as ourselves,” healthy self-love is implied in his words. This means loving ourselves as God created us to be. Our self-acceptance is not contingent upon anything other than God’s sovereignty, trusting that He created just as we are for a reason.

As I close out this discussion of makeup and appearance, let me reiterate that makeup neither encourages nor hinders the above commands to love. It is all in how you use it. We should give sober consideration to the reality that makeup and beauty have been tremendously perverted in our culture, so let’s not be naive about it. But we are also free in Christ and there are numerous ways to celebrate our bodies. Whether we accent our favorite features through lip gloss or a green scarf that brings out our eyes, we should never feel ashamed to do so. As long as we are honestly loving God, loving others, and loving ourselves in the process.


  • mama jaja says:

    I have been keeping up with your mini-series, can’t wait to check out the podcast. With Lent coming up for this ol’ Episcopal gal, I’m thinking I might either forgo make-up OR maybe one aspect of it…perhaps mascara or lipstick/gloss. I tend to feel very “naked” without either of those two. I could go without the rest (well maybe not powder…) and be fine, but when I don’t have either mascara or something on my lips,I feel weird. The funny thing is, I didn’t really start wearing color on my lips consistently until just recently. I only wore burt’s bees or lip gloss. a friend was joking one day and said, “girl, you are in your 30’s now, no more bonne bell for you.” so i started trying shades and really got hooked. And if these things are creeping up over my love for God, i need to check myself.

  • Sharon says:

    Good call! I’ve actually been thinking about Lent as well and was going to write a post on it in the next week, so thanks for the segue!

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